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Environmental Policy

The following labels are demonstration that our manufacturers wood floors comply with some of the most stringent environmental and health standards:

Our Manufacturers: 

Our manufacturers flooring is engineered for maximum environmental friendliness with sustainability being a key factor of the production process. When it comes to sustainability our manufacturers ensure an economical use of slow growing trees such as Oak. Its use is limited to just the top layer of the floor thus reducing the overall use of slow growing trees while being as efficient as possible.

Forest sustainability is also essential in the industry so we can continue with the use of this resource. That is why our manufacturers wood floors carry the PEFC label – together with FSC, the most trusted certificate in sustainable sourcing ensuring the usage of sustainably managed forests.

  At Wood Floor Store we understand the importance of doing our part to protect the environment. Wood Floor Store has a range of environmentally friendly floors for you to choose   from. As the years have gone by and as we have grown as a business we have gained a greater understanding of sustainability in the industry and its importance.